Monday, 29 November 2010

Racial Slurs in School.

I came across this news in .
The link is

As much I hate racial slurs by anyone. I think things should not be taken out of context by any means. We don't know the situation the teacher was in. Maybe I am thinking this way because I had a teacher who called me "estate" , my friends "kampung" and "jinjang". And the best part is I am not from an estate. He would constantly shout at me and say "you balik India lagi bagus la, face the ball man". After the game we would laugh at the way he goes berserk when we play hockey. It is his way of encouraging us. At that point of time no one thought it was racist. No one complained it in the newspaper, no MP brought this issue to the Parliament. And I don't really understand why it is a big issue now.

Going back to the above incident, lets assume I am late for my SPM exams , this would have been most probably the scenario. Lets go by teacher that have taught me before in no particular order.

  • Cikgu Yusuf would have
    • Given me a panampar Jepun
    • Kicked my ass and cursed me to oblivion
  • Cikgu Rabindra
    • Would have stepped my foot with his foot
    • Got hold my neck, and knuckled my head till .....
  • Cikgu Ibrahim
    • Would have pinch my nipples
    • Pulled my sideburn till I ......
  • Mrs.Vengadesan
    • Would caned me,( she would normally take 3 steps back, sprint and swoosh)
  • Ms.Moey
    • Would have given me a lecture until I would fall on her feet for forgiveness. (surpasses all corporal punishment)
  • En.Ajmer Singh.
    • Hmmmm. Most probably all of above and a suspension.
I can go on and on about the list but I think you pretty much get the idea.

Just assume after get whacked and I go back home and complain to my parents. The following will definitely happen in sequence.
  • My mom would have given me a lecture and informed my father.
  • My father would have come back and caned me.
  • I would have to go back to school accompanied by my mother.
  • Where she would hand a brand new "rotan" to every teacher whom she sees.
  • And she would say this" Pukul dia, jangan kesian dia, kalau rotan pecah saya beli baru punya"
Hahahahhaa. The good old days. The teachers job is to educate the kids, and teacher should also educate them in good values. Kids spend a big bulk of their life in school. If we put too much constraints and restriction on the teachers, they will have no room to move. For me the kids who arelate for SPM exams should not been only scolded but punished. If the parents did not do so, then the parents have failed in raising the kids.

And please don't bring politics to school. I beg you politicians.

Revisiting Vision 2020.

Today I had the privilege meeting the "grand old man" Dr M. As usual his lecture was superb, full of humour and most importantly full of punches. :) He started of with the gist of the "vision 2020". He spoke in detail on how and why "Vision 2020" was started. And he reminded the audience that it is a vision and no detailed plan was laid out as it should be dynamic to change according to time.

He went on by telling that he feels in the current economy climate "Vision 2020" cannot be achieved. His recommendation was not to rely on FDI. Instead to rely on DDI. FYI, this has been addressed in the recent ETP. 

Then the QA session came. The questions and answer as below.

  • What was the biggest lesson that need to be learnt from the Dubai saga?
    • If we build too much and there is no buyer there will be a property glut, like what happened in Tokyo and Hong Kong.
  • His view on education system.
    • Science and Maths must be taught in English. His arguments is that both fields are evolving and translating these matters in BM will not happen fast enough and we will be lagging behind.
  • His view on Halal Certification.
    • Most importantly the mindset of people must change. Halal certification must not be done as a business. It is a responsibility, if done right the confidence will be boosted thus Malaysian halal certification will be sought after.
  • His view on quality of Malaysian products.
    • Quality of the products will be increased if we have tight process control in place. Most importantly we have communicate out these improvements to alter the perception of the masses about the quality of Malaysian products.
After the Q&A we adjourned to lunch. A superb session.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Compassionate KL'iates. It is a myth?

There is a lot talk telling that the KL folks are loosing the human touch. They simply don't care about people anymore. We are becoming more and more individualistic and materialistic. It's sad to hear these kind of comments. I was born, bred and still living in Kuala Lumpur. I have seen the compassionate side of the KL'iates.

Today as I was driving to work. There was an ambulance weaving in and out of the traffic, with the sirens blasting trying to make its way thru to the needy. The cars gave way to the ambulance. There was no hesitation. It looked like the stories that I read about Moses splitting the sea.

Eat your words back guys. We are still compassionate people.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


The triumph of good over evil. If you ask anyone why they celebrate Deepavali, that's the standard answer we get from most of people. Of course if you ask my nephew, he will have many more other reasons. Angpow, new dress, firecrackers and a day that he gets scot free for doing anything.

From what I know, we celebrate Deepavali because of the slaying of Naragasuran. In one of the legend as Naragasuran was dying, he asked his death is not to be mourned but celebrated as a festival to remind people to do good. An argument cropped out on why the South Indians should celebrate Deepavali. As many claim that Naragasuran is a South Indian chap. So as usual I did a little bit more reading and I found out an interesting point.

Firstly Naragusuran is believed born to Vishnu (Boar Incarnation) and Bhooma Devi. In another legend it is believed that Naragasuran was born to a asura named Hiranyakasa. Many believe that Naragasuran's origin is somewhere around Assam. The last I checked Assam is not in anywhere near south India. So that defeats the theory telling Naragasuran is a South Indian chap.

Anyway evil in any form or race should be rejected. Whether it was a South Indian , North Indian, Caucasian or whoever , if they do wrong than it must be rejected. What say you?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

IKBN Scheme terms and condition

Entry Requirements to study in IKBN;

1. Malaysian citizens
2. Aged between 18-30 years old during application and minimum Form 5 qualification (Priority will be given to applicant with passes in Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Mathematics at SPM/SPMV levels).... See more
3. Single
4. Healthy with no physical disabilities
5. No criminal record and drug abuse history.
6. Has not studied at any higher learning institutions (except for applications for higher skilled courses or SLC02 Penjaga Jentera Elektrik A1 (12 months experience) courses).
7. Applicants must agree to complete all trainings and is expected to obey all rules and regulations.
8. Applicants must complete SKM 1 and SKM 2 to be able to pursue SKM 3 and/or Diploma in Technology.
9. Applicants who did not complete/expelled from other institutions are not eligible
10. Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia

Please log in to for further information.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Apprenticeship Scheme Ministry Of Human Resources

Summary: Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) would like to invite school leavers and school dropouts from the age of 16 - 25 years to upgrade their skills by pursuing the following apprenticeship training programmes





Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) would like to invite school leavers and school dropouts from the age of 16 - 25 years to upgrade their skills by pursuing the following apprenticeship training programmes:

•Hotel Industry
•Wood Based (Furniture)
•Plastics Injection Moulding
•Tool & Die (Mould)
•Tool & Die (Press Tool)
•Industrial Sewing Machine Technician

Course Duration

-3 to 16 months


-The course fee is fully borne by the Government


-Apprentices will be given a monthly allowance of RM350 to RM450 during the training period by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad.


Apprentices who have completed training will be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificates Level 1 & 2 (SKM 1 & 2) by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) from the Ministry of Human Resources. In addition, they will also be awarded the Apprenticeship Certificates by PSMB.


-The concept of learning under the apprenticeship scheme is based on theoretical and hands on training at approved training centres and practical training at the premises of sponsoring employers.

Job Placement

-Apprentice who have successfully completed training will be offered employment by the sponsoring employers.

Those who are interested, please register thru online. Only short-listed candidates will be notified for interview sessions.

For more information please contact :-

•Cik Siti Nabillah (03-20964930) - Email (
•Cik Faezah (03-20964834) - Email (

Monday, 31 May 2010

Good Noodle in KL & Selangor (Selayang Jaya)

I always remember how yummy food taste when I was younger. There is always good food around those days. Off course I am talking about outside food. My mom still cooks the best food in the whole world. Hahahaha.

Now I have embarked on a mission to search for the best food and inform about it to the whole world. I consider it as a service to all the food lovers outside there. And I believe when I say the food is good, it should be good. For those of you have seen me, I think you would agree about it.

I will not photograph the food for the time being. Not now, maybe later. But for the first post I would like to introduce you a good chinese noodle shop, that is situated in Selayang Jaya. It is located in a alley opposite the Old Town Kopitiam in Selayang Jaya. For you techies the GPS coordinate 3 14' 18"N, 101 39' 5" E.

I have tried Curry mee, Claypot yee mee and Pan mee over here. Its simply superb. Definitely above average. You should try their Kopi Ping. Its simply delicious , reminds me of my younger days. I would give this shop 8 out of 10. Try the place out and enjoy the delicious food served there. Errr. Its non Halal. :)

Friday, 30 April 2010

Long Winding Road to May 1, Labour Day

As we sit down and enjoy the holiday of 1st May. Lets do a bit a fact finding on how this holiday was granted and the people who sacrificed themselves for us to enjoy the day.


In the long and winding course of the people's struggle against British colonialism and Japanese fascism for Merdeka, both peaceful and armed, many hundreds of brave forerunners were martyred on the battlefields and jails. S.A. Ganapathy, veteran of the communist underground resistance to Japanese occupation and postwar trade unionist, was one of them.

S.A. Ganapathy, first president of the 300,000-strong Pan Malayan Federation of Trade Unions (PMFTU) was hanged to death by the colonial authorities on 4 May, 1949 after being questionably "convicted" for allegedly "in illegal possession of firearms".


P.Veerasenan merupakan seorang pejuang kemerdekaan yang telah dilupakan oleh sejarah yang ditulis pemerintah kapitalis negara kita. Beliau telah dibunuh oleh tentera British pada 1949 semasa beliau berusia 22 tahun sahaja bagi menamatkan keberanian dan semangat juang beliau untuk hak pekerja.

Both of them are one of few who met the creator before the holiday of 1st May was celebrated. While we enjoy our holiday lets spend a minute in silence honouring them.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


(Fresh Graduate Across Malaysia)

Accelerating Commercialization in Biotechnology
In line with our commitment to commercialize the Malaysian biotechnology sector, together with our partners, BiotechCorp plans to develop Bio-XCell, a premier biotechnology ecosystem facility that will position Malaysia as a leading biotech hub in the world. To fulfill our aspirations, we are looking for the following:

The BeST programme is an intensive, structured programme for graduates with enthusiasm and deep interest to join the biotechnology industry.

Combining classroom, laboratory and on-the-job training, the six months dedicated programme is aimed at equipping graduates with key skills and knowledge for entry level positions in biotechnology and life sciences companies.

We welcome applications from Malaysian graduates with a degree in the following disciplines:
Science (Biotechnology / Health Sciences / Agricultural Sciences / Life Sciences)
Business Administration
The programme will be conducted in Penang, Kuantan, Marang, Kuala Lumpur, Pasir Gudang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. The training investment will be borne by BiotechCorp and trainees will be given RM1,000 monthly allowance to cover accommodation, transportation other related living expenses.

The BeST Programme is supported by excellent industry collaborations and has a successful and proven track recording in providing internship and job placement assistance to all BeST Programme’s graduates.

Please submit your application online together with a complete CV and passport size photograph.

Human Capital Development Department, Strategy & Planning Division
Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd
Level 20, Menara Atlan, 161 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

Limited seat only!
Apply early and quickly!
Hurry! Application Closes on 14th March 2010!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Not getting hired? Find out why?

Dear Readers,

Maybe this will help you guys.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Walk in interview in Ipoh

ON Semiconductor will be conducting a Walk In Interview in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh for all the positions listed below. Highly appreciated if you could inform those interested to attend for the said interview on the stipulated date and time.


* Date: Saturday, 6 March 2010
* Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
* Venue: Syuen Hotel, Ipoh , Bonzai A (Level 4), Ipoh , Perak.


* Process Engineer (Backend)
* Process Engineer (Frontend)
* Test Engineer
* Test Development Engineer
* Equipment Engineer
* Wafer Probe Engineer
* Product Engineer (Business Unit)
* Device Engineer
* Wafer Fab Manufacturing Engineer
* Database Administrator (based in One Utama,KL)
* Senior Analyst (based in One Utama,KL)
* Foundry Engineer/Mgr (based in One Utama, KL)
* Senior Buyer, Equipment Sourcing (based in One Utama,KL)
* Senior Process Engineer, External Manufacturing ATO
* Sr.Engineer/ Engineer, Package & Material Failure Analysis
* Sr Engineer/Engineer, IC & Analog Product Analysis
* Senior Reliability Engineer
* Reliability Equipment Engineer
* Six Sigma Black Belt Engineer/Manager
* NPI/NPD/Package Development
* Competency Development Officer
* Industrial Relations Officer
* Buyer
* Technician
* Cost Analyst
* Global Network Operations Engineer

All applicants are required to bring along a Latest resume, Original and photocopy of your academic/profession al certificates, IC, Passport sized photo and latest payslip


* Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Electrical/ Electronic/ Mechanical/ Industrial) .
* For Technician position, candidate must possess Diploma in EE or Mechanical.
* At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
* Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
* Applicants must be willing to work in Seremban or One Utama, KL
* Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold residence status.

Thanks and regards,

Mary Malar

MCTF 2010 is back.

The 2010 MCTF is back.

Go to

Read about last years MCTF here

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Jawatan Kosong Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP)

Jawatan Kosong Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP)

Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP) adalah sebuah badan berkanun di bawah Kementerian Pertanian Dan Industri Asas Tani Malaysia yang bertanggungjawab memajukan pergerakan Pertubuhan Peladang di seluruh negara mempelawa warganegara Malaysia yang berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan dan tidak melebihi 54 tahun pada tarikh lantikan serta berkelayakan dan bermotivasi tinggi untuk mengisi jawatan-jawatan berikut:

1. Penolong Pegawai Ehwal Ekonomi E27
2. Pembantu Akauntan W17
3. Pembantu Tadbir(Perkeranian/Operasi) N17


Permohonan dihantar terus kepada:
(u/p: Bahagian Khidmat Pengurusan)
Tarikh tutup : 2 Mac 2010

P/S: Cara memohon:
Permohohonan hendaklah menggunakan Borang Permohonan Perkerjaan yang boleh didapati di laman web LPP : disertakan dengan salinan akademik/transkrip, kad pengenalan yang disahkan,penama untuk rujukan serta sekeping gambar berukuran passport dan menulis nama jawatan yang dipohon dis ebelah atas penjuru kiri sampul surat.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Primary School KPLI

This is the application for teaching course in PRIMARY SCHOOL. SPM
Leavers can apply as long age is not more than 20 and fulfill the academic requirements. The course consists of two parts:
1. preparation program for 1.5 years, and 2. degree program for 4 years.

Deadline: 28 March 2010

URL: http://apps. my/kplspm/ kplspm_jun_ 2010/index. cfm


Nama Program : Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP)
Jenis Ijazah : Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan dengan Kepujian
Tempoh : Lima Tahun Enam Bulan (Termasuk Satu Tahun Enam Bulan Kursus Persediaan)
Md Kursus : Sepenuh Masa

2.1 Warganegara Malaysia.
2.2 Umur tidak melebihi 20 tahun pada 28 Jun 2010 iaitu lahir pada atau
selepas 28 Jun 1990.

2.3 Calon hendaklah sihat fizikal dan mental.

2.4 Calon hendaklah aktif dalam kegiatan kokurikulum.
2.5 Mempunyai kelayakan akademik di peringkat Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan mendapat cemerlang dalam mana-mana tiga mata pelajaran dan kepujian dalam tiga mata pelajaran berikut :
2.5.1 Bahasa Melayu
2.5.2 Sejarah
2.5.3 satu mata pelajaran yang lain serta;
2.5.4 lulus Bahasa Inggeris
2.6 Memenuhi syarat dan kelayakan khusus bidang pengajian yang dipohon
(Rujuk e-Panduan Permohonan)

3.1 Program ini dikhususkan untuk melatih guru-guru di Institut
Pendidikan Guru (IPG) dalam pelbagai bidang bagi keperluan di sekolah
3.2 Sebagai prasyarat, calon dikehendaki mengikuti Kursus Persediaan
selama satu tahun enam bulan di Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) yang
ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.
3.3 Calon perlu lulus Kursus Persediaan sebelum ditawarkan untuk
mengikuti Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan selama empat tahun di
Institut Pendidikan Guru untuk Pendidikan Rendah.

4.1 Permohonan hanya boleh dibuat secara atas talian (online) dengan
melayari laman sesawang Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia di alamat : mulai 08 Februari 2010.

4.2 Permohonan atas talian boleh dibuat dengan menggunakan Nombor
Pengenalan Individu (PIN) yang boleh dibeli di Bank Simpanan Nasional
di seleuruh negara dengan bayaran RM 6.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Enam
sahaja) melalui saluran kaunter, ATM dan perbankan Sistem Maklumat
Ringkas (SMS).

4.3 Pemohon dinasihatkan melayari laman sesawang tersebut bagi mendapatkan
maklumat iklan, bidang pengkhususan dan gred minimum serta kalendar
aktiviti sebelum membuat permohonan.

4.4 Calon dibenarkan mengemukakan SATU permohonan sahaja.

4.5 Calon boleh menggunakan nombor PIN yang sama untuk membuat pindaan
butiran kepada permohonan yang telah dihantar. Pindaan butiran
permohonan dihadkan tiga kali sahaja dan hendaklah dibuat sebelum
tarikh tutup permohonan.

4.6 Maklumat yang tidak benar dan tidak lengkap boleh mengakibatkan
permohonan ditolak.


6. Sila hubungi alamat berikut sekiranya ada sebarang pertanyaan
berkaitan dengan permohonan :

(u.p : Unit Pengambilan dan Penempatan Pelajar)
No. Telefon : 03-888441260/ 1245/1243/ 1235/1229/ 1228

7.1 Calon yang dipanggil temu duga dikehendaki menduduki ujian

7.2 Pemilihan calon untuk mengikuti kursus perguruan adalah
bergantung kepada kedudukan pencapaian merit skor akademik, prestasi
dan temu duga dan keputusan ujian INSAK. Keputusan oleh Jawatankuasa
Pemilihan aalah muktamad.

7.3 Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia berhak menawarkan program atau bidang
pengajian bukan pilihan dan menempatkan calon yang berjaya di
mana-mana Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG).

7.4 Calon dinasihatkan menyemak status permohonan mereka dari semasa ke
semasa untuk status panggilan temu duga dan juga tawaran ke IPG yang

7.5 Tiada surat menyurat dikeluarkan untuk panggilan temu duga. Segala
perbelanjaan dan risiko menghadiri temu duga adalah tanggungjawab
calon sendiri.

7.6 Surat tawaran rasmi bagi calon yang berjaya akan diserahkan di IPG
yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia setelah calon
melapor diri di IPG.


Calon-calon yang ditawarkan untuk mengikuti Kursus Persediaan akan
mendaftar di Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) paa 28 Jun 2010 (tarikh
tertakluk kepada pindaan). Calon yang telah ditemu duga dan tidak
menerima sebarang maklumat dalam tempoh satu (1) bulan selepas tarikh
pendaftaran adalah dianggap tidak berjaya. Bahagian ini tidak akan
mengeluarkan maklumat secara bersurat kepada calon.


Calon yang ditawarkan mengikuti kursus di Institut Pendidikan Guru
adalah tertakluk kepada ikatan Perjanjian Pendidikan Guru seperti yang
telah ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Calon hendaklah
bersetuju dan patuh dengan kontrak perjanjian untuk berkhidmat di
mana-mana sekolah atau institusi pendidikan termasuk di kawasan
pedalaman seperti yang diarahkan oleh pihak kerajaan setelah tamat

What are the typical questions asked in an interview?

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Tell me what you know about our company?

What is it about our company that interest you?

What do you think this position involves?

What do you consider are your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Do you have any question to ask of us?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The problem with Guys. Someone send this to me.

The problems with GUYS:

If u TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN LOVE with him;
If u Don't, he says u are PROUD.
If u DRESS Nicely, he says u are trying to LURE him;
If u Don't, he says u are from VILLAGE.
If u ARGUE with him, he says u are STUBBORN;
If u keep QUIET , he says u have no BRAINS.
If u are SMARTER than him, he'll lose FACE ;
If he's Smarter than u, he is GREAT.
If u don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS u;
If u Love him! , he will try to LEAVE u.(very true huh?)
If u don't make love with him., he says u don't Love him;
If u do!! he says u are CHEAP.
If u tell him your PROBLEM , he says u are TROUBLESOME;
If u don't, he says that u don't TRUSThim.
If u SCOLD him, u are like a NANNY to him;
If he SCOLDS u, it is because he CARES for u.
If u BREAKyour promise, u Cannot be TRUSTED;
If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so.
If u SMOKE, u are BAD girl;
If u do WELL in your exams, he says it's LUCK ;
If he does WELL, it's BRAINS...
If u HURT him, u are CRUEL;
If he HURTS u, u are too SENSITIVE!!
& sooo hard to please !!!!!

If u send this to guys, they will swear that it's not true.......
but if u don't, they say u are selfish.....
The moral of the story is.......

SEND THIS TO GUYS OUT THERE ANYWAY...You'll be wrong either way


Monday, 14 September 2009

Funny poem that I received from a friend.......

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife,
Marrying you screwed up my life.

I see your face when I am dreaming.
That's why I always wake up screaming.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not.

I thought that I could love no other --
that is until I met your brother.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

I want to feel your sweet embrace;
But don't take that paper bag off your face.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes --
Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

My love, you take my breath away.
What have you stepped in to smell this way?

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe “'Go to hell.”'

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts tequila, one part lime

Friday, 7 August 2009

Man of Steel - Dato AK Nathan, Eversendai Corporation

A must read for online job applicants

Where, Oh Where, Has My Application Gone?

GETTING a rejection letter is a painful part of job hunting, but at least it means you’ve been noticed. These days, I’ve been hearing about more job hunters who respond to online job postings, only to hear nothing back from the company. Ever.

Chris Reed
Was the position filled? Is the company just taking a long time to fill it? Did the hiring manager even see the application? You may never know.

Many recruiters and hiring managers do let applicants know where their online applications stand. (At a minimum, companies should set up an automated response system.) But before you get too angry at companies that ignore you, consider what they are up against.

First, the Internet has made it absurdly easy to apply for jobs. This means that unqualified people are clogging the system with their wing-and-a-prayer applications.

Then add rising numbers of unemployed people. More job seekers — qualified, unqualified and desperate — are hitting the send button. Acknowledgments are going by the wayside as recruiters confront hundreds of applications for a single job.

In fact, organizations received 75 percent more applications, on average, in the first half of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008, according to a survey by the Corporate Executive Board, a network of executives and a research company. Todd Safferstone, managing director of the company’s Recruiting Roundtable, said that one business advertised for a lawyer and received responses from 1,000 applicants — half of whom did not even have law degrees.

In this environment, it’s easy to see how a stellar application can become lost in the shuffle. But how do you make your highly qualified presence known without looking like a pest?

The best job seekers “take control of their application’s destiny,” said Kelly Renz, vice president for client services and human resources at Pinstripe, a recruitment outsourcing firm.

That means working hard to find a contact at the company who can be your advocate — or at least a conduit to the hiring manager. If you know someone at the company personally, ask him or her to forward your application to the right person.

If you don’t know anyone at the company, ask your friends and relatives if they do. If you have a Facebook page, post a polite plea there.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the hiring manager’s name is not readily available. Often that is a corporate ploy — a way to prevent an avalanche of follow-up inquiries about online job postings.

But do some research. Look on the company’s Web site or do an Internet search for a name. Call the human resources department and ask the receptionist if he or she knows who is in charge of hiring.

Ms. Renz suggested another way to get a name: Go on LinkedIn and look for someone who works in the same department as the posted job. Contact that person: ask whether he or she knows who is hiring, and how that individual can be reached. You might also ask for more information about the job, Ms. Renz said.

Don’t ask new contacts to vouch for you; that’s not fair. Just make use of the information they can give you. If it’s the e-mail address of a hiring manager, resend your application and state that you remain very interested in the position and briefly reiterate your qualifications.

Obtaining an employee referral is a good move, as far as it goes. There is just one problem: Nowadays “the referral channel is jammed in the same way that other channels are jammed,” Mr. Safferstone said.

To break through, you may need to leave the online world behind and make an old-fashioned direct phone call to whomever is doing the hiring. But wield this call wisely.

Some managers may be annoyed if you call them, though others will see it as a sign of initiative. Daryl Pigat, manager of the Manhattan branch of OfficeTeam, the administrative division of Robert Half International, says that when he receives a phone call, it often causes him to pluck the person’s résumé out of the multitudes, because it’s a sign of a serious applicant. But wait at least a few days to give the company time to review applications, Mr. Pigat said.

When you do call, ask if you can take any further steps. But after that conversation, don’t call back unless you are told to do so. That would be venturing into pest territory.

DESPITE your best efforts, you may still not hear anything further. That’s because you are up against the inherent limits of online job postings.

“If I was looking for a job, I would be much more focused on my personal network than getting into this black hole of the job boards,” said Tony Morosini, head of the Morosini Group, an executive recruiting firm.

Many people still find out about jobs through someone they know, and not through advertisements. The more you act to expand your world of professional contacts, the better off you are.

And don’t pin your hopes on just one job, said Barbara Pachter, an author and workplace expert. Work full-time on a multifaceted approach that includes networking, job boards, associations and many applications, she said, adding, “Don’t stop a full-court press until the first paycheck is clear.”

The Search is a new column about job hunting. E-mail:

Friday, 3 July 2009

Humble beginnings of

Are you curious about how came about? If you want to know the story behind, here's the link to an article on Do note that you may need to skip the welcome ad when you visit the page.

The link:

Courtesy of Facebook

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Challenges and Issues Surrounding Hiring Fresh Graduates with Malini Vijaya Rajah, Head of Human Resources, RBC Dexia

Monday, 1 June 2009

JobStreet in Labour Day action.

Watch Farish Noor articulate about nation building

Watch Farish talk about on the nation building and how we were better off before independence.

Monday, 23 March 2009 runs Resume and Career Clinic and Talks in conjunction with the launch of "Break Through Learning Series" "Resume and Career Clinic" was a big hit among the visitors. Armed with the resume's the crowd thronged the clinic to get the professional advice from the consultants. The "Hot Job corner was also viewed by many who wanted to get the glimpse of the latest job that was available. also ran talks in three language's (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin). The video on how to ace an interview also was viewed by the visitors. Many good points was raised in the video which would have benefited the jobseekers.

On site interview was done and eight candidates was given a short listed bringing them a step closer towards employment. Guess the talk and clinic helped a lot. Congrats to them. Catch you all on the next clinic.

DSC01248 DSC01237

Sunday, 15 March 2009


BAHAWASANYA NEGARA KITA MALAYSIA mendukung cita-cita hendak :
mencapai perpaduan yang lebih erat di kalangan seluruh masyarakatnya ;
memelihara satu cara hidup demokratik ;
mencipta satu masyarakat adil di mana kemakmuran Negara akan dapat dinikmati bersama secara adil dan saksama ;
menjamin satu cara liberal terhadap tradisi-tradisi kebudayaannya yang kaya dan berbagai corak ; dan
membina satu masyarakat progresif yang akan menggunakan sains dan teknologi moden.
MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :

Wonder why they make us do the rukunnegara thingy in school every Monday and Friday? Just wondering?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Separation of power

In Malaysia we have three branches
  1. Legislative (Parliment)
  2. Judiciary (Courts)
  3. Executive (Government)
The design is to make sure check and balance in the country for the good of people. Each branch has it's own power and duty. The overlap of legislative and executive is unavoidable, because the prime minister who heads the executive is a member of legislative.

The independence of judiciary is sacred, as it is the last bastion of hope for the common man.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Relevancy of Moral and Ethics in todays World

I have a friend who quit his well paying job, the reason he gave was he did not agree with the moral standings of the company that he was working with. That was around two years ago and he is still unemployed till date. Almost everyone he meet, calls him an idiot some say it in front some just mumble under their breath. One particular guy ticked us off by calling us stupid.While I appreciated his sincerity, I find it mind boggling, to be taught in young age to be good, must not lie and be virtuous, now you are called an idiot when you practice it.

So as all typical Malaysian do, we had a debate in a mamak stall on the relevancy of moral and ethics in today's world. The first half an hour on the arguments was basically dry stuff. The question of definition of moral and ethics was brought up, for those who wants to know I suggest you to look it up in Wikipedia. After all the philosophical stuff ended, my dear friend who called us stupid now called us ancient. He said that we are so ancient that the dinousaurs looked younger compared to us. Since invoking Socrates, Aristotle, the Prophets and the stories of virtuos people did not suceed we decided to use logic to win our argument that the ethics and moral is still very relevant today.

This is how we put it to him. Lets say that you are driving in a highway, and traffics builds up. Seeing that the emergency lane is free, many "smart" people will just take the emergency lane to beat the traffic. As the broken windows theory puts it, seeing one breaking the rules will prompt more and more people break the rules, thus creating a bottleneck in the emergency lane and as a result the jam will be worst. If the police decide to step in it will be mayhem, cause the police will have stop the offenders to fine them and usual malaysian's will slow down and create a bigger jam. The same rules apply for moral and ethics. If everyone decides to ignore the basic moral and ethics, it will be chaotic world because you have to assume that everyone is lying, scheming to cheat and you have to be on guard every single second. We concluded that the amount of time, thought and energy can be used for a better purpose.

Our friend smiled and called us "ancient imbeciles" and reminded us that the world is such and success is the real measure. Moral and ethics takes a back seat. I was furious but I decided to end the argument there as it was getting late and my wife was calling me. As we left the mamak stall he said that sooner or later or once our financial situation get worst, we will be transformed. I told myself if it comes to that, I will do what the character Robert Neville will do. I really hope that the day will never come.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mindful with your camera

First of all, guys don't take nude photo of your loved ones. It can be misused. Even if you delete there is software's that can undelete it.

If you insist on taking nude photo's keep the phone and memory card, don't sell it. The money is not worth it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Naan Kadavul

I believe that this is a good movie, but movie goers must have same basic understanding how Hinduism works. Not recommended for pregnant ladies as some of the scenes were a bit gory. No love scenes. No love songs. Shows that exploitation of the poor happens everywhere and by anyone. Comedy was good even without the top guns. The ending could have been better, or maybe it was our censor board who killed it. Have to see the uncensored movie to give that verdict.

When I was watching the movie one couple left with a remark "enna padam ithu?". Some joker beside me could not take the movie and started cracking jokes about the movie, but no one responded. In the end he was sobbing, so much for his machoness.

The story revolves around Arya which was disowned by his father and sent to Kasi. Later the father returns to get him back, so that he can pacify his angry wife. But his son was no ordinary man, a permission was asked from his guru to bring him back. The guru allows it, realising that this is a test that his disciple must go thru. For the rest of the movie, watch it. A lot of good moral is told in the story, lookout for it. At the end I believe the message is "Aham Brahmasmii". We are lords of our destiny.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Daulat and Derhaka

Do you know that the concept of daulat and derhaka was started by a chap named Demang Lebar Daun(DLD). As the story goes in Sejarah Melayu (by Tun Seri Lanang), DLD had a daughter named Wan Sendari. To cut the story short, three handsome prince from heaven will meet him and ask DLD daughter's hand. DLD will agree to marry his daughter to one of them and even promise to make them the ruler of his people. But he will ask for an immunity for his people. Thus agreement was formed between DLD and the heavenly prince. The agreement goes as following.

  1. That the ruler will never bad mouth his subjects, and never punish them to death. The only reason he can sentence them to death if the subjects committed a sin that was punishable by death by the book of religion (Quran)
  2. The Ruler replies by telling that he will uphold the rule 1, as long rakyat don't "derhaka"
  3. DLD replied by telling as long the Ruler does not break rule 1, the rakyat will follow it.
Thus an agreement was sealed between the Ruler and the rakyat. The concept of "Daulat and Derhaka" is still being upheld in Malaysia. The same book Sejarah Melayu gives a few example on how this concept of "daulat and derhaka" was challenged for the good of the rulers. The most important incident happens, when Sultan Mansur Shah (under him Malacca prospered) orders Tun Perak to kill Hang Tuah as the ruler heard stories Hang Tuah was jollying with the ladies in the kingdom.

Knowing this is only a story spinned by the parties who was jealous with Hang Tuah, Tun Perak wisely hides Hang Tuah until the Sultan Mansur Shah comes to his senses. When Hang Kasturi according to Sejarah Melayu and Hang Jebat according to Hikayat Hang Tuah revolts again the Sultan. Tun Perak will bring out Hang Tuah to quell the rebellion. Sultan will pardon both of them and will praise Tun Perak for his action.

The moral of the story, I will let you decide on it. There are many more such incidents were told in Sejarah Melayu. Will pen them down as we go on.

Will like to end this with a quote from Voltaire "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

Friday, 23 January 2009

JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline press release


Following is the press release by on "JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline"

" has currently launched the JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline service which is aimed at lending a helping hand to those who might be feeling the effects of the recent retrenchments due to the global economic slowdown.

This initiative is born based on JobStreet’s observations on the market situation in Malaysia and around this region. JobStreet has been actively monitoring the current recruitment industry and based on our findings, we have decided to set up the Retrenchment Helpline Service as a pre-emptive measure aimed at protecting the welfare of Malaysian jobseekers.

The JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline is free-of-charge as we want to make the service available to as many people as possible. All they need to do is register, upload their resume and JobStreet’s team of career professionals will categorize them based on their industries. The JobStreet team will also contact the jobseekers who use this service, to further find out what are the core competencies and marketable skills. This is to enable JobStreet to recommend jobs for them.

In line with providing solutions to Malaysian jobseekers in times of economic slowdown, JobStreet will also intensify Resume & Career Clinics. This is an initiative which helps jobseekers write better resumes, gain better understanding of the job market and sharpen their job hunting skills. JobStreet will run Resume & Career Clinic tours in campuses and also on-site in companies.

Jobseekers can also look forward to more career fairs that will cater to a wide range of jobseekers from different backgrounds and needs. JobStreet will also seek to conduct more market surveys, run more career makeover seminars and maintain a close working relationship with the government and HR industries so that together we will be able to provide an efficient recruitment solution for all jobseekers both in good times and difficult times."


JobStreet operates the ( online recruitment websites presently covering the employment markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Japan. The Group currently services over 50,000 corporate customers and over 5 million jobseekers. JobStreet is listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities (JOBST). staff create havoc in the city staff armed with placards and streetsmart guides stormed Jalan Sultan Ismail opposite of Wisma Jobstreet. Further investigation revealed it was a community service event arranged by

With placards such as "10,000 jobs available" and "Gong Xi Fa Chai with no worries", brought smiles on many motorist. Surprisingly they even wound the car windows to receive the "streetsmart guides" with the "Joboutlook 2009" which was distributed free during the event. They distributed almost 400 sets streetsmart guide within thirty minutes.



It certainly would send a message to people out there, do not worry and to enjoy their holidays.

I am definitely going to enjoy mine. Happy CNY and Happy Holidays

No Need to Panic say's Malaysian HR Minister

After the announcement that there will 200,000 workers will be retrenched , the goverment explained that it was just a prediction. What an #$%. They have created so much panic, but never the less here is the explanation given by the minister.

KUALA LUMPUR 20 Jan. – Tiada bukti kukuh, itulah kesimpulan Kementerian Sumber Manusia berhubung jangkaan Persekutuan Majikan-Majikan Malaysia (MEF) bahawa 200,000 pekerja di negara ini bakal diberhentikan berikutan kegawatan ekonomi global.

Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam berkata, walaupun menyedari kes pemberhentian pekerja bakal berlaku, pihaknya akan membuat pemantauan bagi mengelakkan angkanya menjadi terlalu besar.

Katanya, berdasarkan maklumat terkini terdapat 15,000 pekerja yang telah diberhentikan sejak pertengahan tahun lalu bagi membolehkan syarikat bertahan tanpa menutup operasi.

“Kementerian hanya keluarkan butiran rasmi berasaskan maklumat yang kita terima dari pihak industri.

“Kenyataan saya sebelum ini bahawa 45,000 bakal diberhentikan perlu difahami, pemberhentian itu adalah sementara sahaja pada musim sambutan Tahun Baru Cina,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Laporan muka depan Utusan Malaysia hari ini memuatkan kenyataan Pengarah Eksekutif MEF, Shamsuddin Bardan bahawa 200,000 pekerja bakal diberhentikan berbanding 85,000 kes sewaktu kemelesetan ekonomi 1998.

Menurut MEF, paling teruk terjejas ialah kakitangan di kilang elektronik dan elektrik kerana ada di antara syarikat tidak menerima tempahan bagi tempoh tiga bulan pertama tahun ini.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Subramaniam berkata, pihaknya melalui Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) telah membuka permohonan untuk mengikuti skim latihan kemahiran bagi pekerja yang diberhentikan.

Beliau berkata, kerajaan memperuntukkan RM100 juta untuk tujuan itu dan dijangkakan antara 15,000 ke 20,000 pekerja dapat dilatih.

"Setakat ini belum ada yang memulakan latihan kerana kita baru saja umumkan skim itu.

"Latihan kemahiran ini adalah percuma dan sekiranya dana itu perlu ditambah bagi membolehkan lebih ramai dilatih, ia perlu dibawa ke pengetahuan kabinet," katanya.

Mengenai permintaan MEF supaya kerajaan mengarahkan Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) menyemak tarif elektrik, beliau berkata perkara itu perlu dirujuk kepada Majlis Ekonomi Negara.

Sementara itu, Subramaniam turut menafikan dakwaan bahawa nasib pekerja sektor industri elektrik dan elektronik tidak dapat diperjuangkan kerana mereka ditegah menubuhkan kesatuan pekerja.

Beliau berkata, kerajaan sebenarnya telah memberi kebenaran untuk mereka menubuhkan kesatuan pekerja di peringkat kilang dan negeri.

"Memang penubuhannya tidak dibenarkan di peringkat nasional kerana kilang terbabit dimiliki oleh syarikat yang berbeza.

"Saya rasa kesatuan di peringkat negeri khususnya di peringkat kilang lebih sesuai untuk berunding dengan majikan masing-masing,"katanya. (Source : Laman Web Kementerian Sumber Manusia)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Pongal Valzhtukkal

Wishing everyone a very Happy Pongal.

Friday, 9 January 2009

How to be last in the retrenchment list?

If the current global economic situation continues, we are headed for recession whether we like it or not. So I have prepared a list of things that you can do to stay employed at least until you are the second last employee to be kicked out. Of course your boss will be last person. This is not a fool proof list, but at least it should serve as a guide for you to cling on to your job as long as you can.

Put in the extra hours

If you are the type that is always the first one to dash out on the dot when the clock strikes 5.30 pm. I suggest you to sit back, take a deep breath and do some of the things due which you need to do the next day. If you have completed all your work , then maybe you can start doing some planning. It is a good time to put on your thinking cap and start thinking on how you can be more beneficial for the company. Hey!! they have been feeding your needs all these years, and that is the truth. So it is payback time. If you have completed all your work and you really have nothing to do. The least you can do is to cut down the surfing on your office hours and do it after office. When the final crunch comes at least your clock out would show, that you did put in the extra hours.

Accept additional responsibilities
If you are the type who says, I will only do what I am paid for. Now is the time to re look at the policy. Usually employers will look for the staff who holds least responsibilities to chop off. It reduces collateral damage on their side. Your new substitutes will not have to learn too many things, thus makes you easily replaced. Accept as many responsibilities as possible even though you are overloaded with work, you can always follow advice number one to get more time. Show some enthusiasm.

Promote yourself
At times like this you can never ever expect anyone to talk good things about you. You are lucky if no ones bad mouths you. So you have to do your own PR job. Make sure that your boss is aware of your extra capabilities and most importantly make sure that he appreciates it. When telling people especially your boss on what are your achievements are, do it sincerely and don't boast. That attitude will definitely get you into trouble.

Do not be hostile
This is the time to make peace with the other personnel in the office. Firstly you do not want to anyone to bad mouth you. Secondly bosses want the troublemakers out, the bosses will have enough to worry about such as sustaining the business and they do not want to be drawn into solving office politics. Maintain a cordial relationship with your colleagues, this is not the time to flex your muscles. Its time to use them to help the company.

Stay in touch with your boss
Always make the top priority to know what your boss wants. Always make sure that your objectives are aligned with the company's management objective. If they are looking at reducing the cost, then you should make it your top priority also. Your boss will need all the help to keep their job. Naturally they will look for an ally that can help them in achieving their objectives. You must be in the ally list.

And always remember

When things get tough, tough gets going

Good luck in keeping your job.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Perception of justice

Its funny how people view justice these days. The news that caught my attention is the mother who was retrenched recently was caught stealing and was sentenced to jail. Three days if my memory serves me right. I am not here to dispute the learned judge decision. I do not want to charged for contempt of court either.

I am no expert in law , in fact I do not know enough to even be called loyar buruk. But I took law for one year, sadly I did not complete it. Too malas to study. But the one year actually taught me that our justice system is built according to the British system. And the brits to a certain level have a pretty sane justice system. Off course they did go thru a long learning curve. From burning midwives and healers in the pretext of them being witches to declaring any country they land is theirs in the name of queen. And the list will go on.

Now look at this article . In Brit they are considering to even to let burglars go with a warning, what more a hungry mother who have just been retrenched. Why the institution that caught her, did not let her go with a warning. Maybe she should have been given her a job there, looking at how desperate she was. Can't people change, we certainly accepted people who have done greater wrong doings than this. Hey!! look at our politicians, we forgive and forget their wrong doings. And now how the young mother with a criminal record going to feed her family. Are we not creating more hardcore criminals by doing this. Why can't we start looking justice with a different angle.

Or were we humans once?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


For those who wonder what does that mean, let me briefly tell you about it. Chanakya (c. 350-283 BC) was an adviser and a prime minister to the first Maurya Emperor Chandragupta (c. 340-293 BC). He was also known as the "Indian Machiavelli" in the western world. Some call him evil , some hail him as hero. That is not the point of this discussion. To know more you can read it in

Chanakya is well known for the fact that he was a cunning man and all his speech, action and thought will always lead people to do things his way. And he helped to form the first Mauryan Empire in India. Hence the term Chanakyanism is coined by me. In our lives we will meet many people who will resemble Chanakya's character for better or worse. Some of us might be used by Chanakya's. Some might gain benefit by using this Chanakya's.

For me the most important thing will be, to be aware that you are being used. At least you know about it and you can do some evasive actions or just submit to it and hope that something good will happen out of it ( that's pathetic). But hey, that's how things work. The worst thing to happen will be to find out that you have been used and regret your actions later. ( that's more pathetic)

How to know that you are being used. I am not an expert but I had some experience. If some is too nice with you, advises you and guides you too well. Well he might be leading you in believing his ideology.Someone offers things for that is too good to be true. Like scratch and win contest.Beware. Never let your guard down. It's easy to say but harder to practice.

Most importantly listen to your gut feeling, that is best gauge. Good luck.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Conflicts for better or worst? A lesson from Mahabharata

The two most dominating topics that we see for the past week was the intrusion by the Israel army and the offensive launched by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamil Tigers. This is not a discussion to justify any parties cause. That will never end. Each side will have their own reasons in fighting and killing each another. Sad to see that not many will actually find reasons to live and let live. Lets dwell that matter in another session.

Does conflicts brings conclusions or closure for any matter. I think, the victor just will go back thumping that they have won, but the million dollar question will be, can anyone win??

In the end of the great war Mahabaratha, it was clear that neither side has won the war. There was only sound of wailing mothers, wife and children can be heard throughout the war field irregardless of the winners or the losers. The war also saw many untimely death of great men.

What are we to achieve in fighting and killing each another? I have no answers? Maybe I will never find any.....................................

Monday, 5 January 2009

Surviving tough times

Different people have different views about tough time. Warren Buffet's lost might look like big numbers for us, but for him really maybe 5% of his total wealth (which is close to 62 billion). But if you are a local stockbroker punter a lost RM10,000 might mean your life savings. My advice is keep cash. Don't overspend. When times get more tougher you will have to rely on cash.

Friday, 24 August 2007

First Post

Namasivaya Vazhga. Engal Vazhmum Vazhamum Mangaatha Tamizh Endra Sange Muzhangu.